The TuneIn app has recently been updated. This latest update deals with the regular (free) version of TuneIn as well as the paid Pro version. Users will immediately notice a new look and feel both in terms of the app icon and the app itself. And tucked in with the new look are a handful of new features — many of which involve social.

Upon launching the app you’ll be greeted with a new left-side navigation setup offering options for Home, Browse, Explore, My Profile and Connect with Friends. Those using TuneIn Pro will also have a section for recordings. The sections such as browse and explore will remain familiar for those who had been using TuneIn, which is basically to say the wide variety of categories are still available.

One of the new aspects is the social side. The My Profile section has a look similar to Twitter complete with a header image and profile image. The profile page is also where your favorites are listed. Users will also notice the new following and followers count. The follow side allows you to follow friends and also includes favorite podcasts, favorite stations and more.

A real highlight of TuneIn has always been the wide variety of available content. This is made a little nicer with this latest update and the exploring has been made a bit easier. For example, TuneIn will suggest content based on your interests. The social (friend) side can also lead to some discovery as well. A new feature called Echo allows you to quickly share what you are listening to with your followers.

The TuneIn apps are both available from the Play Store. The regular free version can be found using this link, and the paid Pro version can be found using this link.