Monetizing on free music or radio streaming services has always been a tricky point with consumers and the services themselves. While of course people would want to choose the free version over a paid one, the trick is to offer something premium and attractive to convince people to switch to a subscription service. TuneIn Radio, which brings you not just music but podcasts and radio programs as well, is offering a new Premium Service for its users and sports fans in particular may be happy.

Aside from being able to listen to more than 600 commercial-free music stations, premium subscribers will also be able to access more than 40,000 audiobooks, and 16 learning language stations. And as we said, if you’re a sports fan, specifically baseball and football (the real one), you can listen to live play-by-play coverage of Major League Baseball, Barclays Premier League, and Bundesliga (German football) matches.

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John Donham, the Chief Executive Officer of TuneIn, says that they want to distinguish themselves from the many streaming services out there by focusing more on news, talks, and sports, with still some music thrown in. The premium service allows them to take “the world’s best audio content and putting it all in one place.”

For now, TuneIn Premium will only be available in the US ($7.99/month), Canada ($8.99/month), and the UK (£5.99/month)but they will eventually expand to more countries. You will be able to access this through the existing radio app. The free service will still give you more than 100,000 streaming radio stations as well as 5.7 million on-demand programs and podcasts, but with ads of course.