The folks at Tumblr have rolled out the latest Android app update. This update has arrived as version 3.4.0 and it currently available in the Google Play Store. This latest update probably isn’t what many would consider a game changer in that it does include countless new features, but it does bring some improvements in terms of search and discovery.

Not to mention, it makes it easier to follow recommended blogs and also share your posts to other networks. Those updating the app will likely notice a few changes here and there. To begin with, this update brings a change to the center button across the top. The update now includes a search icon which when tapped will bring the option to search tags and blogs.

The page offers easy access to the trending tags as well as the trending blogs, however a tap of the search box will allow you to enter the search terms of your choosing. That same page will also show a list of featured hashtags. You can then also track and share that search term. As far as content discovery goes, the search results page offers a clear ability to follow results with a “Follow” option sitting on the right side.


Otherwise, another smaller but welcomed change comes in with sharing your posts. This comes from the Home page (home icon sitting on top) and if you look towards the bottom of any of your posts you will now see a share button. This share button joins the previously existing buttons (which were delete and edit) and is sitting on the left. A tap of this share option brings the familiar Android share page which offers sharing options based on what you have on your device.

SOURCE: Google Play Store