Tumblr has just let out a new version of its Android app that brings in some much awaited features. Among other things, the update adds support on mobile devices for one of the most popular uses of the social networking and microblogging service: animated GIFs.

The GIF image format has been in use for a long time and its popularity drives from its ability to show a short animated sequence of images without having to use actual video files or formats. While the use of animated GIFs as web page decorations has fallen out of fashion long ago, the use of the image format was revived in recent times as a popular way of sharing short clips of entertaining moments, especially those that involve cats. Although many image hosting services support posting animated GIFs, Tumblr has become a popular rendezvous point as the service focuses particularly on the sharing of such bits and pieces of media.

Unfortunately, the Tumblr experience on Android has not been up to par. While it is possible to view animated GIFs on a per post basis, the animations do not show up on the dashboard, making the experience a bit inconsistent and inconvenient. With this new update to the Android app, however, animated GIFs on the home feed will automatically play for your enjoyment. But that is not the only improvement that has been added to this new version. Users will now also be able to create Photosets right from the mobile app. But perhaps more importantly, the app now works in landscape mode as well, pulling Tumblr into to the tablet age.

The updated Tumblr for Android is now available on Google Play Store and should be rolling out to those who already have it installed. Or click the download link below if you haven’t tried it out yet.

Download: Tumblr on Google Play Store
SOURCE: Tumblr