After serving users for almost a decade now with its CallerID service that lets you know who is calling you – even if you don’t have the person in the contact list – Truecaller is now introducing a new feature that will tell you why someone is calling, in addition to their name. The company has updated its CallerID functionality with the new feature called Call Reason and as the name suggests, it will let users know the reason – personal, business, or urgent – for the call.

According to Truecaller, even though the Call Reason feature is only a small part of the app it will change the way many users make and receive calls. The reason for building the feature, the company says, is because it was the most requested feature and that “we asked for it”. Right, we may have! I’m wondering, did we? Okay, let’s believe and move on.

The Call Reason is expected to increase call pick-up rates, especially because a reason mentioned as urgent or personal will definitely request an answer. And, it’ll now be easier for you to pass those distressing sales calls for sure. The caller will have the option to choose from some predefined reasons or have an option to include a personal note (primary reason) with the call that the recipient can see before picking up the call.

This new Call Reason feature is rolling out now, yes as we speak, for all Android users globally. The company hints, the feature will be available for iOS in the first quarter of next year. Alongside this, Truecaller is also upgrading the app with a few additional features.

These features are majorly to enhance the messaging experience for users. The app will include a Schedule SMS option that will let you schedule a text for a time when you want it delivered. Additionally, there is going to be an SMS translate option, which the company says, would support 59 languages to start with.