As Samsung and LG recently demonstrated, the curved display has interest from consumers. Though both are currently finding their way, Semiconductor Energy Laboratories (SEL) may have one-upped them in a big way. The company recently showed off a flexible display that can bend to 4mm, and display images on or around the curvature.

SEL showed off a 3.4-inch, 960×540 display with 326PPI as well as a 5.4-inch 960×1280 display sporting 302PPI. Those displays are clearly meant to show off the screen’s utility to mobile devices, but the sky is the limit in regard to screen size. SEL notes that the technology is highly resilient, and just as beautiful as any OLED display.

The technology which allows for the screen to be physically manipulated is called CAAC, or C-Axis Aligned Crystal. The orientation of the crystals make it much more reliable than those which have no structure, according the an SEL spokesperson. He also notes that this material allows for displays to be readily shaped and formed as the company sees fit, rather tan having to specially produce a display to specifications. This is the truest form of a flexible display, whereas the Samsung and LG offerings are curved.

Also on display was a flexible battery, which could be flexed 10,000 times before seeing any issues, according to SEL. That, along with a smaller display, make us think of some kind of slap-wrist watch. A flexible battery also makes the device more structurally resistant to breakage.

We suggest you check out the video below to get a better idea of what SEL has designed. We’re not sure of the cost, of course, but the technology is sublime. It gives a good glimpse into what could be the future of smartphones, or the end of them.

VIA: Phone Arena