Some apps are meant for learning something new. Some are meant to while away the time. Some are for trying to organize your life. Some are for deepening your life. While there are those that are simply meant for fun and to trick or prank your friends. Ninja Snap is one of those, and it is meant for those friends who love to nosily browse through your photos, even without asking for your permission. It’s time to get them back!

We all have a friend (or even friends) like that. You show them one picture on your phone and they feel like they have the right to go through your whole picture gallery. While it’s not something that would cause a Friendship Over moment (unless they opened a “sensitive” album, which shouldn’t be on your phone anyways), it does get annoying at times. But now with Ninja Snap, you get to have your sweet revenge (of sorts) on them.


How it works is that you open the app and then choose some photos from your device that you feel like they would browse through. Pretend to show them (well, actually, you do show it to them) the picture and sure enough, you know they’ll swipe through the other ones. The app will then secretly be taking their pictures using the front-facing camera as they browse through your other photos. Eventually, their photos would show up in the mix, and imagine their surprise (you have to hope they’re not reading this article though). It also has an added “security” measure that if they do press the back key, they won’t see the main app screen.


The photos the app took will be saved in an album called NinjaSnaps, just in case you’d want to save some of those secretly taken pictures. You can download Ninja Snap from the Google Play Store for free. Happy ninja photo taking!