Trend Micro and KDDI have announced that they will be teaming up to ship Android smartphones that come out of the box with Trend Micro security protection. The smartphones packing in the new security software will start shipping in the middle of November. Trend Micro will load the smartphones up with its Virus Buster Mobile for au software.

The software will be part of the KDDI Anshin Security Pack that will be preinstalled on au smartphones and is designed to protect from malicious apps using filtering. The app will filter bad websites though the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network infrastructure. This infrastructure sifts through data from over 70 billion daily quires to find the sites that are trying to install malware or viruses onto Android devices.

Trend Micro says that the network has protected more than 130 million users since 2008. The network will protect users from phishing websites and malicious programs. Trend Micro and KDDI have worked together to secure Android devices before. The Anshin Security Pack will also include Secure Platform for remote lock and location search by 3LM.