Trend Micro has unveiled a new security application for Android users that will make a lot of folks feel more secure. You can bet with the soaring popularity of Android and the fact that the OS is landing on so many tablets that hackers and viruses will start to target Android making exploits that can steal your personal information and harm Android devices more common.

Trend Micro has announced a new protection application for Android devices called Mobile Security for Android. The app is able to protect your personal data and identity from thieves and promises to secure mobile banking transactions swell.

The app can even block unwanted calls and texts, which is a very nice feature if you need to stop unwanted callers. The app will also protect your device while surfing the web. The message blocking feature works for both SMS and MMS messages and the app will prevent you from downloading malicious apps that could harm your phone. Parental controls also allow parents to block access to inappropriate content for kids. The app has a free 30-day trial and can be purchased for $3.99 right now.