Bone Conduction sounds like a painful procedure that you undergo to fix something in your ear, but it is actually “a natural part of the hearing process” and lets you listen to music even without the headphone or earphone actually being in your ear. The Trekz Headphones, now raising funds on IndieGoGo uses this process to give you a safe way to listen to your music, with the promise to not sacrifice the sound quality (unless you’re listening to really bad music).

This open ear sport headphones is perfect for those times when you still need aural attention to the things around you, like riding a bike on public roads, running on busy streets, hiking around in the mountains, or any other situation when both music and environment need to co-exist. The OpenFit design still allows these ambient sounds to reach your ears as it does not cover nor block them. It also uses titanium backbone so that you’re not uncomfortable when using the headphones.


The headphones have IP55 certification so that it repels sweat, moisture and dust so you can use it when doing your outdoorsy activities. And while bone conduction has previously been criticized for its sound quality, this time around it has PremiumPitch+ to counter natural sound leakage and a weak bass and instead brings you “dynamic rage and powerful bass. You can use the Trekz Bone headphones to listen to music and to take and make calls.

The Trekz Bone headphones (despite the sometimes annoying name given by AfterShokz, which is also quite annoying) has already more than met its target of $65,000, with 38 days still left in the campaign on IndieGoGo. You can contribute $99 to be able to get the headphones, which is still 30% off the MSRP of $129. Target shipping date is January 2016.