Coming out of CES, we have word of a gadget that we suspect those traveling may have wished had been announced ahead of the show. The gadget is the Trakdot Luggage tracker and just as the name would imply, this will allow you to keep track of your luggage. In fact, the Trakdot Luggage tracker provides real-time tracking.

You begin the process by placing the tracker in your luggage. From here, it will provide city locations in real-time. The information will be available by way of an Android app, or by SMS or email. Alternatively, you will also be able to track your luggage directly from the Trakdot website.

The Trakdot Luggage is described as being “ultra-light” and “palm-sized” which really just means that it should be able to fit in just about any bag without having to worry about using up the precious space in (of for those pushing the limits, weight of) your bag. This should also help to ease those worries of arriving at your location only to find out your bag never made the transfer — now you will know exactly where your bag is, even if you are not there to pick it up personally.

In addition to tracking the bags from city to city, the Trakdot Luggage tracker will also send an alert when your bag nears the baggage carousel. That all being said, the Trakdot Luggage is expected to be available beginning in March 2013. The tracker will be priced at $49.95. Those making the purchase will also have to pay an activation fee of $8.99 and an annual service fee of $12.99.


  1. This is tempting and sounds like a good thing, especially when you hear about luggage being lost or stolen. But I got to throw my civil liberties card down. If they’re doing this to luggage, how long will it be before they start tracking and chipping people to follow them around? I hear they already got chips in passports.


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