The whole mobile industry and the Android community have been trying to look for new ways on how to improve battery life and management. We’ve been featuring a number of new batteries and charging technologies already–all aiming to lengthen battery life or shorten battery charging times. We expect to be introduced to more new tech like this one by the Toyota Research Institute of North America (TRINA). Scientists of the group have been doing an advanced battery research and so far, they have discovered that magnesium batteries could soon be used for everyday use.

The idea is that magnesium batteries can be packed in smaller form so they would fit smaller devices like a mobile phone and someday, electric cars. Compared to the current standard of lithium battery today, magnesium batteries are said to be more energy-dense. This means they can pack more power or energy in just a small form. As for the lithium batteries, they are usually not stable and there is a chance that will ignite when exposed to air. Unfortunately, there are some limits to the amount of power a battery can store.

Toyota entered this field, thanks to the efforts of Rana Mohtadi chemical engineer and principal scientist at Toyota. While Mohtadi was working on hydrogen storage materials and their application to fuel cell tech, another group of researchers were talking about the challenges of electrolyte for a practical magnesium battery. Mohtadi and the other researchers worked together to prove that their theory is correct. The result is not yet final and official as they are still working on the research and experiments.

The ideas are already out there and we can see the potential of the new battery technology. However, it might take a while before they become ready for the market. The tech still requires a lot of research and development before it becomes ready for commercial use.

SOURCE: Toyota