Toyota is one of the biggest automotive manufacturers in the world. The company is big on technology and produces some of the leading hybrid vehicles out there. Toyota has announced this week a new application for Android users that has nothing to do with cars.

The app is called Plug-in Championship and bizarrely challenges users to score points by plugging their phone into charge at exactly the right moment. Toyota wants players to compete against each other to see who can earn the highest score possible out of 1000. When the app is running, it has an arrow that lights up quickly and the goal is to plug the phone in when the arrow is at the top.

A perfect scores 1000, and you can score as little as nothing. Toyota thinks that players will be excited to see who will score a perfect 1000 first. I think very few Android users will care in the least who scores 1000 points first.

After you plug your device in and earn your score, the app will play an “exhilarating” video clip. The app creates anxiety around plugging your device into charge, which is surprising since the app also inevitably makes us think about plug-in Toyota vehicles. I wouldn’t think Toyota would want any anxiety focused on charging of electric vehicles.

[via SlashGear]