If you’re a fan of the popular Toy Story series, you’ll be happy to know that your favorite toys are back for an all-new game on Android and iOS. It’s called Toy Story: Smash It! and this new puzzler action game aims to keep you busy for hours. Buzz Lightyear and all of his friends are back for some fun. More details and the launch trailer can be seen below.

From the folks right at Disney comes this new physics puzzle game with the usual 3-star system to progress throughout the levels and all. It isn’t free and will cost you just $0.99 but for those interested it looks quite fun. We have a feeling the kids might enjoy the break from Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja too.

Disney explains it as a block-breaking physics puzzler game full of interactive fun. It offers 4 exciting and imaginative episodes, over 60 levels to try and finish all with 3 stars, and hours of replayability. Not only can you play as Buzz, but you’ll encounter and meet your favorite Toy Story friends along the way.

It isn’t just about completing each level either. You’ll be throwing balls and smashing bricks, but the natural life-like physics is where you’ll get the extra points – so keep that in mind if you give this game a try. The brand new Toy Story: Smash It! puzzle game is available as we speak for Android so hit the link below and give it a try today.

[via Play Store]