Those Tower Defense games sure can be addicting, especially once you beat the entire game and go through it again on hard mode. For all the tower defense fans on Android we have a neat little game for everyone to try. It’s called Toy Defense and they bring the real war to toys. This week they’ve updated their popular game with 12 new Christmas themed levels.

This is tower defense at its finest, and now you’ll be able to enjoy over 30 awesome levels that are finely detailed and perfectly balanced, while still giving users a challenge. To keep up with the holiday spirit the developers have just released an update that not only fixed tons of bugs, but also added 12 levels for Christmas and New Years.

Instead of taking charge of your Army, you’re now Santa Defense and will need to help Santa save his 8 lost reindeer and save Christmas. Although the 25th came and went, the game is still loads of fun and perfect for all those Tower Defense fans that enjoy the holidays. Here’s a quick video for those new to this game:

With tons of weapons in your arsenal, upgradeable weapons, marines, and characters and more this is a tower defense game worth checking out. Now that they’ve added 12 new refreshing levels it’s also worth a second look — not to mention the game is completely free. If you’ve been looking for another TD game to try this weekend, give it a try right now from the Google Play Store.

Let us know what you think. Enjoy!