Touchscreens in mobile devices completely changed the industry, and TouchTap is looking to be the “next big thing” in innovation with a unique approach to additional input using only software and the device’s microphone.

“The app works by mapping the back of the handset based on the noise that you make when you click it”

The best part about this new technology is that is can be applied to almost any phone after it’s been mapped, without the need for hardware alteration or upgrades:

“Input Dynamics’ ‘virtual touchscreens and touchpanels’ are enabled via software, using a device’s existing microphone to create natural interaction with multimedia applications. The Touch Tap technology can easily be embedded into new hardware or applied to existing mobile phones and devices as an application”

Now you may be wondering of the potential uses of such a technology. Mike Bradley, director of business development of Input Dynamics, thinks the most common use would be allowing people to double tap anywhere on the phone to either cancel a call when it’s in your pocket, or to answer it without having to fumble for the right button.

Quite the interesting technology and we can’t wait for it evolve on the Android platform.

[Via Pocket-Lint]



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