The smartwatch industry may not exactly be as active now when it was first introduced but it has become a standard the past couple of years. Numerous companies have ventured into the bandwagon and so now we’ve got the top brands introducing their own smartwatch models. Wearables are cool accessories but they are also great as standalone devices.

A smartwatch only has a small screen so it can be difficult to type a message. Reading is okay but not so much typing a reply. Good thing though there’s the TouchOne Smartwatch keyboard that makes it easier for you to type. The app has been readily available for Android Wear devices since April but it’s only now that Tizen OS-powered devices like the Samsung Gear S3 and Gear S3 are getting it.

The TouchOne Keyboard is now ready for free for the Gear smartwatches. Check out the Samsung Galaxy Store and download the app on your Tizen watch. This keyboard typing app is one convenient solution for those times you want to send a longer reply right from your smartwatch.

TouchOne Keyboard comes with a price (around $2.80) but is offered free for one whole month. Download TouchOne Keyboard from the Samsung Galaxy Store or from the Google Play Store if you’re on Android Wear.

VIA: Tizen Experts


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