Using our smartphones or other methods for controlling TV and computer screens is nothing new. We’ve been doing it for a while with various methods but today we have something completely new, unique, and different. The guys from Teehan+Lax have designed a neat little application using augmented reality to control what is displayed on TV screens using their trusty Google Nexus S.

The augmented reality type app is called Touch Vision and while the way it actually works may be confusing, it is pretty impressive either way. The application is still in a very early beta stage but they’ve provided a video giving us a little insight on this awesome and unique project so check it out below.

Touch Vision enables touch interaction in a very fun way through many different TV and screen surfaces using AR and the Nexus S camera. Shown in the video above they’ve also incorporated this fancy screen manipulation on more than one screen at a time for a truly unique experience. With something like this for much larger screens in a theater or a billboard the possibilities once fine tuned could be endless.

For now whatever highly custom tools and code they are using are being kept under a tight lid for the application and I can’t wait to see what else comes from this project. It reminds me of something from Ironman and Tony Stark only with less Hollywood of course. Check out more information on the development of this system also at Teehanlax.

[via Engadget]