This is why we can’t have nice things. Cripes. A couple days ago, a fellow by the name of cyberniko (this is his name on XDA forums) intended on sending his game out to a small group of developers who where then supposed to take a look at it on their Android devices, let him know how it worked, give him feedback, etc. That happened all fine for the most part, except for one gigantic terrible jerk move on the part of another XDA forum member. This terrible jerk downloaded the unsigned APK of the game, signed it himself, and submitted it to the Android Market just as if it were his very own game. Evil.

The following message now appears aside the now-updated real version of the game, available for download in Beta still:

I suppose that most people, people like myself, would like to know the name of the developer who took the time to thief this game and a pass it off as their own work? We just happen to have that name: DavinciDevelopers.

After you’ve gone nuts all over those fellows for the crimes beyond recognition, head over to here: to grab the Beta game for your own to test and love on. As you might guess, the actual developers site is the same: and you should report all bugs and mishaps going on with the game there.

So take a look at that game – it kinda totally rocks, and have some awesome fun with it, and think about the difference between soliciting people to take a peek at the game as the developer VS soliciting people to download the game as a person who did NOT develop the game. Hard stuff!

[Via XDA]


  1. This isn’t the first time that DavinciDevelopers have done such. Take a look at their other apps. Some are obviously pirated, for example they have several Gameloft games published in the market.


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