Based on the announcements and press releases before the actual Consumer Electronics Show this week in Las Vegas, we’re guessing that smart speakers and smart home solutions are going to take center stage this year. Toshiba is one of those unveiling a new device called the Symbio Smart Home Solution. They’re marketing it as a six-in-one device as it can function as a wireless security camera, a smart speaker, voice control device (Alexa is the chosen one), an intercom, a sound detector, and a smart home hub.

All of the functionalities that the Symbio can be used for can all be controlled from the Toshiba Smart Home App and it will also turn your smartphone into a remote control. This includes functioning as a smart hub for your smart devices and sensors that are powered by Z-Wave or ZigBee wireless technology. The device can also function as a security device with its 1080p Full HD wide-angle low-light camera to keep an eye on rooms, pets, children, and your general home environment. You can also make it function as a smart sound detector that will send alerts to your smartphone.

The Symbio is also a smart audio hub with its integrated full-range speakers that supports streaming music from Amazon Music, Pandora, iHeart Radio, etc. It has an exclusive ODMD high-excursion driver that takes care of the sound quality. It is also integrated with Amazon Alexa so you have access to the thousands of skills from the digital assistant, including playing music, answer questions, provide information, control lights, etc. Lastly, it can also function as an intercom between the Symbio and your smartphone.

The Symbio Smart Home Solution will be on display at the CES 2018, but you can already start purchasing it through Amazon. It costs $249.99 plus shipping fees depending on where you’re ordering it from.

SOURCE: Toshiba


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