New details have surfaced today that the folks from Toshiba are working on an impressive Lytro-like mini camera module for smartphones and tablets. If you’re asking yourself what Lytro is, you should check this out. Essentially you’ll be able to refocus and perfect parts of a photo well after you’ve snapped the image. the Lytro camera was rather large, so getting this into a smartphone would be quite the task. More details after the break.

The camera, said to be in the works from Toshiba snaps about 500,000 pictures in one take with a complex lens assembly creating data-dense adjustable images. Crazy right? Once you’ve captured an image you can then go back and fix and refocus any problem areas. Obviously any professional won’t like this idea, but we all can’t get perfect photos. Mkay!


The image above is just one example of said technology, which is floating around showing the same image being tweaked and focused at different ends of the spectrum. That isn’t all either. You can focus on certain aspects of the image to blur out those photobombers, or make the entire image in-focus after a few tweaks for the perfect shot. That isn’t all either. According to Toshiba they’ll also be bringing this amazing technology to video capture as well, now that would be impressive.

Also, editing will be extremely easy considering there will technically be 500,000 different images all at different focus points. Making quick edits a breeze. Toshiba is hoping to release this camera module and get it into our favorite smartphones in late 2013. Hopefully the Nexus 5 can have something amazing like Lytro. Would you guys pay extra for a smartphone with a feature such as this? No information on final image resolution was mentioned, but more details can be found at the link below.

[via SlashGear]