Digital and smartphone cameras are getting more and more capable and data storage will soon need to catch up in order to provide users a smooth and seamless experience. It is exactly for this purpose that Toshiba is unveiling its next generation of microSD cards that can directly support those 4K videos you’re fond of shooting.

Let’s get the tech specs out of the way first. There are two Toshiba microSD cards being announced, with different data capacities and different read and write speeds. The THNSX032GAJCM4 is capable of storing 32 GB worth of data and has an amazing read and write speed of 260 MB/s and 240 MB/s, respectively. The higher capacity THNSX064GBK5M4 on the other hand can handle a larger 64 GB but is also slightly slower with 145 MB/s reading speed and 130 MB/s when writing. Of course, these are ideal maximum speeds that might turn out to be slower in real world use.


What this means for consumers is faster downloads, faster file processing, and, when it comes to recording high quality videos, more storage. Currently, if users wanted record videos in higher resolutions, they’d be better off saving on the device’s internal memory first because those have faster file writing speeds than an external storage card. With Toshiba’s new microSD cards, however, users can make use of the external storage directly, which gives them more room for videos and photos. This is even more important for digital cameras that don’t have internal storage to begin with.

Toshiba hasn’t announced yet actual retail products that will carry these high-speed flash memory components. Samples are already being sent to chipset makers and component vendors, but there is no timeline yet when we’ll see them integrated into finished products available for purchase.

SOURCE: Toshiba


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