iris scan for security or identification. Eye with scanner and computer interface

Hackers and tech security analysts will always tell you that the username/password process used for almost all digital authentication these days is remarkably inefficient, because it requires the users to remember the codes. That would mean shorter, more familiar codes so you don’t forget – but shorter and more familiar leaves your information terribly unsecure and vulnerable to hacking. Fingerprint scanning offers the next best thing, but Toshiba wants to up the security level to iris (eye) scanning.

The Japan-based electronics company is launching its new near-infrared camera sensor codenamed “T4KE1” (yes, it looks suspiciously like “Take 1”), which is built specifically for security and scanning a user’s iris – which of course is unique to every person alive – for recognition and authentication.


The hardware is pretty straightforward, the T4KE1 is a standard CMOS sensor with 2.1MP capability, outputting images and video at 60fps and at Full HD (1080p). As needed for iris recognition, the sensor discards usual color filters and has a robust near-infrared spectrum sensitivity. The iris scanner sensor also has a serial interface so that it can be adapted easily into next gen products.


As of now, Toshiba is providing reference models of this camera module so that manufacturers can test it out with their next generation designs. Will we be seeing iris scanning in our mobile phones soon? For Toshiba, it will surely be a good thing if manufacturers make that jump.

SOURCE: Toshiba


  1. They can steal your fingerprint data (and have). They can steal your face for facial recognition (and have). Do you want them to steal your eye-scan as well?


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