Toshiba has pushed out the promised firmware update for the Folio 100 tablet, with update v. expected to address the responsiveness and multimedia processing issues which prompted retailer PC World to yank the slate from shelves. According to The Tech Blog, the new firmware does indeed address much of the lag.

However, reports from xda-developers suggest that this isn’t quite enough to bring the Folio 100 fully up to scratch, with the tablet still prone to going into deep sleep mode and demanding a reboot to get it working once more. The new firmware also lacks the Flash Player 10.1 plugin, which has to be installed separately.

1) screen/soft-touch responsiveness

2) lag fixes

3) Most importantly Pinch-and-Zoom capability for web-browsing and others.

4) Improved viewability (I think)

5) Smoother video/audio processing.