We’d already heard that Toshiba’s ridiculously oversized Godzilla tablet was coming stateside eventually, but just in case you needed some confirmation, the FCC got their hands on the Excite 13 earlier today. There’s no surprises here, with the possible exception of the fact that the FCC boys managed to fit the 13-inch tablet into their testing machines. The last that we heard, the Excite 13 was headed for retailers in June, so the customary stop off at the FCC is quite expected.

In case your memory’s a little fuzzy, the Excite 13 packs a whopping 13.3-inch screen with a 1600×900 resolution on a traditional TFT panel. NVIDIA’s ever more ubiquitous Tegra 3 quad-core is aboard, as is what looks like mostly stock Ice Cream Sandwich – Huzzah! The tablet has some monster dimensions at 10.1mm thick and 2.2 pounds, and uses that bulk to cram in four SRS speakers and a capacity of 32GB or 64GB. The tablet will cost $649.99 and $749.99 repsectively when it hits retailers in June.

The more pedestrian Excite 10 is scheduled to come out sometime in the next few weeks, and the smaller Excite 7.7 (with a fabulous 720p Super AMOLED display) will also hit in June. Both of the smaller tablets get a Tegra 3 processor, though they’ll be considerably less expensive: the Excite 10 starts at $449.99 and the Excite 7.7 will go for $499.99.

[via Liliputing]


  1. Before we start complaining about the size, consider that (depending on the aspect ratio) 13.3″ is a piece of 8.5″ x 11″ paper.
    Some people might actually find it useful.

    Edit: OK, so a piece of paper would be 13.9″, but you get my point.

    •  Yep, a textbook in pdf format would show up very close to full size. As such one can pack this with ebook versions of textbooks and save a whole lot of weight.

  2. I could see the big 13″ size that could appeal to some people, just not me. I have to give them credit for trying something different just like what sammy did with the galaxy note. What i’m really “excited” about is the 7.7. That thing is sweet, i just wish the price wasn’t so out of reach for many consumers. I think if priced right, they would have a big hit on their hands.  At nearly 500 dollars i think many will pass despite the specs and the beautiful screen.


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