Following a previous AnTuTu benchmark discovery of the Toshiba AT10LE-A tablet, it looks like the device has once again surfaced. This time however, as opposed to simply seeing a benchmark report, we are being treated to some images along with some specs and other details. Basically, it is looking like the AT10LE-A tablet will be powered by a Tegra 4 processor.

That said, this tablet is expected to arrive sporting a 10.1-inch display and running Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean. Touching back on the processor, these leaked images are showing that as running at 1.8GHz. Along with the images came word that this particular tablet will be a higher-end device.

That comment wasn’t clarified, however it could be due to the processor and the keyboard dock. At this point, it appears as if the AT10LE-A is shaping up to be a decent tablet. Of course, we have not yet seen anything official from Toshiba. Other details include the tablet having a memory card slot, mini HDMI out, stereo speakers and an external keyboard.


While an official announcement obviously still needs to be seen, at the moment it appears as if we are just beginning to get a solid picture of what we can expect from the Toshiba AT10LE-A tablet. We do have to wonder what will come next though — will it be an announcement or another leak.



  1. Maybe the first worthy tablets in 2 years to replace my aging Acer Iconia A500?! I will miss my full size usb. Hopefully they use 2 gb ram DDR3 in this and the keyboard has more battery juice as well.

  2. I’ll never buy another Toshiba tablet again. They do everything they can to lock out root access. My Thrive is a great piece of hardware (except for being a bit heavy), but Toshiba’s attitude towards power users has killed them as a future purchase for me.

      • They *might* have backed down a bit on their stance since the Thrive but I doubt it. (They probably justify it by hiding behind the “security vulnerability” moniker.) I’d make sure to check the various rooting web sites once this comes out before you make a purchase.


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