Toshiba and their tablets aren’t really what I’d call pretty or thin but at this years CES Toshiba aims to change that. The Toshiba AT200 (Excite) we’ve seen plenty of in the past is set to make a big splash this year, coming in as one of the thinnest Android tablets on the street. We are now seeing pictures of a new budget 7″ tablet that could be roaming the CES halls.

While the AT200 isn’t anything new and Toshiba recently launched a 7″ Thive model, the image you see above is something completely different. Thanks to Notebookitalia we now have a few press images of another tablet Toshiba is set to debut. According to the information provided this could be a very budget-aimed tablet with a Qualcomm dual-core processor. With the low priced segment starting to take off we can expect a wide array of sub-$200 tablets hanging out at CES.

Recent reports from Toshiba also suggest they’re preparing a 7″ waterproof OLED-lit tablet that should be as durable as they come and looking at the provided images this new blue wrapped slate could be just that. Both the new waterproof tablet and the AT200 were mentioned specifically in their CES documentation so we’ll be sure to keep our eyes peeled on the showroom floor for everything they have to offer. Be prepared to witness the onslaught of low-priced Android tablets from this years event.

Stay right here at Android Community for the latest with our CES 2012 Portal. More details on all the Toshiba tablets is available from the links below.

[via Toshiba]



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