If you enjoy watching videos that feature the torture of smartphones, then you probably have heard of YouTuber Jerry Rig who does durability tests on the latest ones out in the market. This time around, the “victim” is the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium, and if it wasn’t for one aspect where the device failed him, he said it will probably be his favorite smartphone at the moment. But it’s still interesting to see how the device fared on his scratch, burn, and bend test and if it survived.

The smartphone is considered one of the top of the line devices from the OEM and so it would be interesting to see how “it survives life” after undergoing the tests. The scratch test involves a set of pics and even though the Z5 Premium doesn’t have Gorilla Glass for its display (it says tempered glass), it also got the same score as those that have that. Level 6 already leaves scratch marks, but Level 7 leaves a deeper groove.

What Jerry found troubling is that the the camera lens, which is apparently just plastic, is actually easily scratchable and the circular lip around it doesn’t offer any protection for the lens. And if you’re marketing something as premium and you want to highlight your phone’s 23MP main camera, then this is pretty unfortunate. When it comes to the burn test, just like other phones, it turns itself off and goes black. But unlike other phones, after it turns black, the center turns white. As with previous tests, black pixels recover but white ones do not.

The bend test shows that yes, the phone does bend and the power button on the side actually snaps. The phone is still full functional though and did not have a catastrophic failure. So if you do have it or are planning to get one, just make sure that you don’t scratch the lens, you don’t burn it up close, and you don’t bend it often enough. Easy peasy right?