Tor Browser 8.5

Tor Browser released an Alpha version for Android devices last year. We haven’t heard any update yet until today as Tor Browser 8.5 is revealed. This version can now be downloaded from the Google Play Store but you can also get them straight from F-Droid according to the developer. It’s a more stable release from the first one but it includes several improvements and new features including important security updates that are ready across different platforms.

From the time the Alpha version rolled out to today, mobile browsing has increased so it is important that developers see what could be changed. The stable version of Tor Browser is a result of months of hard work. From desktop to Android, the new browser brings a more secure and faster mobile browsing experience.

You have to see for yourself what Tor Browser 8.5 can deliver. If you live in an ear where there is heavy censorship, you can try the browser and feel free to explore the web to your heart’s content.

What Tor Browser offers are the same protections as with the desktop browser. Expect no proxy will be bypassed. Cross-site tracking won’t be a familiar sight.

Expect improved security slider accessibility. Tor Browser users can use this tool if you have sensitive security needs. It’s not easily accessible though because it is placed behind the Torbutton menu. It’s good enough because you know not many people can accidentally access what doesn’t need to be accessed.

You may witness a revamped experience but with more advanced security measures. You can see them on the toolbar right away. A more obvious slider makes it easier to control.

When it comes to the design, Tor Browser 8.5 will match the Photon UI of Firefox. A new logo is available as well. Check the Tor Browser download page to get the app.