The top ten applications in the Android Market have finally been figured out. With the Android market still in the early stages this is no grand achievement, but it really puts the most popular apps into perspective for us.  For instance, we expected an award winning application to be number one, but the coveted first place was swooped by the Namco classic Pac-Man with more than 250,000 total downloads.

According to a report done by Medialets, the top ten most frequently downloaded applications for Android are as follows:

  • Pac-Man by Namco
  • MySpace Mobile
  • The Weather Channel
  • ShopSavvy
  • Ringdroid
  • imeem Mobile
  • Shazam
  • Rings Extended
  • Bonsai Blast
  • Brain Genius Deluxe

Now MySpace Mobile is the application that we expected to take the number one spot on the list. MySpace applications always make it to the top three applications, usually behind the Facebook application. ShopSavvy was also another application we expected to be filling the top three spots, but somehow it made it to number 4 on the list. Ringdroid, imeem Mobile and Shazam were sure bets as all three of these applications hit on very key points for mobile phones such as free ringtones.

Shazam has been doing very well on other handsets such as the iPhone. Brain Genius Deluxe was another huge hit among other handsets and a great game to play. We suspect that this game will remain one of the most popular games on Android for quite some time. Let us know what Android applications you enjoy most.

[Via Medialets]