TOP 7 Unusual and Wacky Alarm Clocks for the Sleepyheads

Wake up, sleepyheads! We know there’s many of us you who don’t wake up on time no matter how many alarms you’ve set. Maybe it’s time that you use something that is more effective. Look for alarm clocks that will help you overcome oversleeping. But really, how do you wake up on time? Oh, the usual answer: There’s an app for that. Actually, there are dozens of alarm clock apps you can find on the Google Play Store that you will find useful. It’s only a matter of testing and trying which one will work for you.

We’ve listed seven apps that will hopefully wake you up every morning. It’s time, folks. Time to wake up.

(1) Snap Me Up: Selfie Alarm Clock

This alarm clock app is perfect for the selfie addicts. No problem waking up because you will have to take a selfie so the alarm can turn off. The app will automatically open the camera but you just don’t take a selfie and snap. You still need to turn on the lights. This way, the camera can detect your face. Once done, click on the button to capture a photo of your beautiful face.

It should be easy but believe it or not, real sleepyheads will probably drag themselves to actually take a selfie. Cross your fingers this one will annoy the wits out of you so you’ll finally get up and get going. | Download Snap Me Up: Selfie Alarm Clock

(2) Smart Puzzle Alarm
Smart Puzzle Alarm

This alarm is smart not because you can connect it to other services or devices. It’s smart in such a way that you, as the user, are required to think. This alarm will make you use your brains early in the morning. You need to finish a puzzle to stop the alarm and prove that you are smart. It won’t end unless you finish the puzzle. Surely, you will be forced to get up from slumber and finally be alert and enthusiastic about a new day ahead. | Download Smart Puzzle Alarm

(3) UnreliAlarm

What better way to wake up than by hearing your favorite song or podcast. We know not many people will like this. Some people like their mornings to be slow and quiet but for those who need help in waking up, this can help. We suggest you set a song or podcast from someone that annoys you. We’re sure you’ll get up in no time because who you don’t want to hear that someone yapping away so early in your day. This special alarm clock will have you up on your feet in no time—just so you can avoid the annoying sound. | Download UnreliAlarm

(4) Barcode Alarm

Here is another alarm that will require you to really get up and move. The Barcode Alarm requires that you scan a barcode or qr code just so the alarm will stop. If you can’t find a code, you can choose to dismiss the alarm by entering a text instead. The alarm you will set can be a ringtone or song. Choose one that you actually hate so when the alarm goes off, you can’t do anything but get up and turn it off. This app lets you choose a random alarm with different track every time and set the alarm on repeat or active on certain days of the week. | Download Barcode Alarm

(5) WakeUp OrDie! Alarm Clock

You don’t want to be eaten by a monster, do you? Time to wake up and run away from the evil android. This alarm clock app will never stop until you fight the monster. It will not stop howling and coming after you until you’re on your toes and are ready to get him knocked out in one corner. The alarm clock features a monster’s howl to wake you up from your good night rest. Surely, hearing a monster first thing in the morning will make you open your eyes and finally stand up. | Download WakeUp OrDie! Alarm Clock

(6) Voice Snooze Alarm

“Deactivate”. Say those words to deactivate an alarm. It’s for real. You can turn off a noisy alarm with your voice. Thanks to this Voice Snooze Alarm that can only be deactivated with your voice. Snooze the alarm by speaking to your device. Pressing on that snooze button is dangerous. It’s not effective because you will only get back to sleeping again. You can set whatever word or phrase that can turn off the alarm. Customize your command and you’re guaranteed to wake up. Shout if you want. The alarm won’t care if you’re already mad just to make you get up. | Download Voice Snooze Alarm

(7) Glimmer (luminous alarm clock)

We’re giving you a chance to prove yourself that you can get up with a simple alarm. For a calm morning, the Glimmer will be slow in activating your device. App turns on your screen half an hour before the set alarm. It will slowly adjust brightness as if the sun is slowly rising. App will wake you up with the soothing sound of birds but after a minute and you haven’t responded yet, a strong sound will be played. This alarm can also set the device to connect to the Internet before you wake so emails and messages will be received. This way, all the information you need and the tasks you need to do will be displayed. | Download Glimmer