RPG’s (pole-playing games) on the Android platform are a dime-a-dozen – take a look at the Google Play Store and you will be inundated with RPG after RPG, making it hard to separate the quality ones from the chaff. But we’re going to try to do just that for you, so that before 2015 officially ends, you can catch up with these five great titles, if you haven’t already played these.

Final Fantasy VI


The Google Play Store is not exactly short of Final Fantasy games, a casual check will give you a lot of titles available for Square Enix’s franchise. But the release of Final Fantasy VI is a little bit special because this already popular game is not a 3D remake, but rather a faithful port of the now 20-year-old original game. The pedigree of this game is widely known, and many consider it one of – if not the finest – game in the franchise. This should be all the motivation you need to pony up the USD$15.99 to download this premium game.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

Dragon Quest V


Of the renowned Dragon Quest series, Dragon Quest V is widely believed to be the best game of the lot. The game has a deep and long-developing story, and you will not get bored with the storyline the game offers. The game also features an innovative board-based battle system where you roll the dice to see the outcome. This is also a premium game, requiring you to pay USD$15.00 to install the game.

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Order and Chaos Online


Most of the free RPGs are the MMO kind (massively multiplayer online), the only strategy to probably still earn with a free app. But Order and Chaos Online stands out from among the rest because of its heavily immersive nature. Bustling with a huge community of players, you get well-balanced fantasy worlds and 5 different characters to choose from. Apart from picking your gender, you can accumulate up to 2,500 skills and discover as much as 5,000 pieces of equipment. Not a lot of MMORPG’s on Android can make that claim.

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Doom and Destiny Advanced


The original Doom and Destiny was quite a ride, and the sequel is nothing but loads of fun building on the comedic RPG execution of the original. According to the makers of the game – it a prequel, a sequel, and a reboot all in one. A prequel because Doom & Destiny Advanced’s storyline contains events before the happenings of the first game. A sequel, because obviously, it’s the second game in the series. A reboot, because it involves a totally new storyline. It doesn’t make much sense to us, but hey, we get great game to play around with and that’s all we want. You have to pony up USD$2.00 to get the game, but believe us, it’s worth all of that and more.

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Exos Saga


Exos Saga mixes your normal RPG mode with a squad-based battle system, which gives you a fresh approach to RPG gaming on Android. You can go single player campaign, or bring your squad over online for PvP battles. You get many different classes: Cleric, Berserker, Gladiator, Knight, Warrior, Archer, Priest, Gunner, Rogues, Sorcerer, Wizard, and Lancer – and you can mix and match your squad according to the way you play. The game is free to play, but you can get a lot of special characters if you buy them through IAPs.

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