As almost everybody worldwide approaches that one day of the year where scary and violent is the staple for almost every movie, we give you a mini-tribute to Halloween ourselves – the top 5 bloodiest and goriest Android games you could ever install on your device. We’ll rate them for you from 1 to 5 on the gore factor, as you should be able to install these just for that one day of the year where you can play these games without being disturbed.

Postal (via Amazon Appstore)

This game gained notoriety when it was released in 1997, and for all intents and purposes it was a fairly unremarkable game. But the storyline is unique in that it invites gore and violence – a citizen who has gone “postal”, flipped out and basically just starts killing anyone that isn’t him. As you can imagine, that invitation to “gratuitous violence” has raised the eyebrows of some – very notably the Google Play Store, which has refused to allow this game on its lists. Don’t you worry though, Postal – recreated for Android – is available via the Amazon Appstore, and you can still play it in all its bloody glory.


Gore level: 5 – kill anyone that isn’t you
DOWNLOAD: Amazon Appstore

Surgeon Simulator

Despite the medical nature of the title of this game, it is not at all medical in the way you play it. The game forces anyone who plays it to become a surgeon, but you have to do your surgery with all manner of err… shall we say, “inappropriate” tools. Need your hands or legs replaced? Well, no problem – but first let me hack your old limbs off with a hacksaw. As you can imagine, this game may be funny in nature, but it is gory beyond all detail.


Gore level: 5 – you can’t escape getting bloody with this one
DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store


That title alone should give you the idea of what this game is all about. It’s a freeform driving game, this means you driver wherever you want to within the game – but the game disturbingly encourages you to hit every pedestrian you see. It give you bonus points for those “hits”, you see, and so what starts out as a driving game becomes a bloody mess. You can even hit the cows and see those disintegrate in a bloody explosion. What kind of game makes you hit cows?


Gore level: 4 – you can drive without hitting people, but where’s the fun in that?
DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

Dead Trigger 2

This has been voted by many in the gaming industry as probably the best zombie shooter ever, and Madfinger Games has gained a lot of gamer points from making this game. The outfit has produced a number of other games these days, but Dead Trigger 2 will remain in our memories for a while. The blood in the game mostly comes from zombies, and for zombie shooting games, that gore is the good kind. You can blast their heads off with high powered rifles and guns, or hurl a grenade over and enjoy the explosion of blood and severed zombie limbs.

Gore level: 3 – you don’t really get disturbed when it’s zombie blood you’re spilling
DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

Dead Space

This wouldn’t be a complete list of gory games if we didn’t include EA Games’ sci-fi horror mashup. Dead Space is cleverly imagined, a zombie horror-fest in outer space. The game has received some bad rep for having wonky controls on Android, but you can’t really deny the gore in the game. Imagine using a plasma saw to cut through hordes of Necromorphs and just deal glorious bloody damage to all of your undead opponents. You might find obvious satisfaction there, but you can’t deny its bloody violence.


Gore level: 4 – additional gore points for being in outer space
DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

That should keep your need for gory games going through the whole of Halloween. Enjoy!