In case you haven’t heard or noticed, a group of Redditors regularly come up with a list of some of the best deals they can find on the Google Play Store. This is simply done by receiving submissions from different categories whether Apps, TV, or Movies among others. The apps currently listed below are offered FREE for a limited time as there are a few deals that have already lapsed.

Some apps also offer deals on in-app purchases but for this purpose, we’re choosing the top ten on the list on Reddit. We have excluded those that are no longer free so make sure you check them out and download immediately.

The ‘googleplaydeals’ subreddit currently has over 45,000 deal hunters so there are a lot of people who want to try the apps. If you’re an app developer, this list could make your app or game popular. It’s a good start if you really want to succeed in the Android development community:

Here are the top 10 best deals you can find in the Google Play Store:

• Blue Light Filter Pro

This app aims to reduce the amount of blue light emitted by the phone’s screen by simply overlaying a translucent filter to help you achieve a more comfortable sleep. | Download Blue Light Filter Pro

• Brumpfus Hopeless Chase

It’s another endless runner set in a village featuring cute and toony graphics plus great sound effects. | Download Brumpfus Hopeless Chase

• Attic over Attic

This is an adventure story of a 7-year old boy named Jack and his puppy named Corny. The two explore the attic in this action and puzzle platformer game. | Download Attic over Attic

• Hairy Phonics-2

This one is for the kids and for the parents too. Learn and master phonics fast so the kiddo can soon learn how to read. | Download Hairy Phonics-2

• Phil TTS voice (English US)

The app will talk to you in Voxygen’s Best-of-Vox Voices. Phil will read anything on the screen out loud if you need him to. | Download Phil TTS voice

• Round Corners

Round screen corners make the screen look nicer no matter what Android device you have. | Download Round Corners

• Conversations (Jabber / XMPP)

Finally, it’s a free and open source Jabber/XMPP client for Android. This one offers built-in support for e2e encryption, group chats, and images.| Download Conversations

• Terror Cave VR

Watch horror in 3D for a more frightening effect. If you can’t go to those real theme parks, try in virtual reality. | Download Terror Cave VR

• Zombie City Defense

You’re the hero who will save the Earth from all those zombies. Just make sure you plan your strategy well by recruiting all the survivors you can find, building a defense, and killing every zombie that comes your way. | Download Zombie City Defense

• My Panic Alarm Pro

This is an instant alarm right on your phone. Sure, there is already a default alarm feature but this is more fun because you know, anything unfortunate can happen and you need to call help and attract more attention. | Download My Panic Alarm Pro

SOURCE: Reddit