Top 10 Android Apps for 2017

It’s now 2018 everywhere in the world. The year 2017 has been good to us although we can’t say the say for some brands and companies in the tech and mobile industries. But we’re not going to focus on the bad. We’re here to look back at the good times and review the top apps that have helped a lot of people. We’re including in this list only the ones we’ve tried. These are most of the tools that made an impression and made 2017 easier and more bearable.

Here are our Top 10 Android Apps for 2017  (in no particular ranking or order):

Way of Life

This app was and still is a good way to start a new year. A number of big publications also recommend this productivity app that helps you to identify, track, and change whatever habits you need to work on. It helps you spot those negative and positive trends in your lifestyle, as well as, send you reminders of the many things you need to be reminded of in your life. The color system makes it easier for you to manage and track with its many features including the bar charts, note-taking, archiving of completed goals, multiple daily reminders, cloud backup, and sharing. | Download Way of Life

Spring Cleaning Checklist

We all have to do some spring cleaning at some point in our lives. 2017 was all about decluttering stuff we don’t really need and this app has helped us finish some tasks. It wasn’t easy to do because some things were really hard to let go of and part with but the app helped us reduce the stress. The app can make anyone be more efficient in organizing anything around the house, in the office, or just about anywhere. Cleaning demands time and effort but with this app, you can do spring cleaning more thoroughly, easily, and with no hesitation. | Download Spring Cleaning Checklist


Memrise won’t be named as the ‘Google Play I/O Award Winner for Best App of 2017’ for nothing. The app can teach you how to talk like a native of any foreign language you want to learn be it French, Spanish, Chinese, or Japanese. It doesn’t just teach you the basic, you can even learn and improve grammar with several lessons. Start as a beginner and move on to intermediate. Who knows, in a few months time, you can be an expert in a new language as you continue to learn how to read and write. | Download Memrise

Pedometer, Step Counter & Weight Loss Tracker

There a numerous similar trackers available but we found this to have all that we need. The app syncs with Fitbit and MyFitnessPal. If your past trackers haven’t help, then maybe this one will. Those weight loss resolutions need to be kept. Just walk. It’s easier to say than actually do but many people have been helped by this mobile app. We haven’t been successful but hey, it’s a new year. | Download Pedometer, Step Counter & Weight Loss Tracker

Sleep as Android

Getting fit and healthy also includes having the right amount of sleep. Sleep as Android is a smart alarm clock that allows sleep cycle tracking. Mornings are more pleasant with this app as you can integrate it with whatever smartwatch you have or any health service you are using such as S Health or Google Fit. The app can also be integrated with the Philips HUE system so it adjusts and provides the proper lighting that will help you have a good night rest, as well as, play gentle and nature sound lullabies to help you sleep and wake you up. | Download Sleep as Android


There are too many diary apps available but Daygram is very simple. It’s perfect for those who are into minimalism. This electronic-ink-themed diary isn’t complex. It’s intuitive, letting you just write and finish what you need to do. That is, to write one line a day. It doesn’t have to be a novel. You are free to write your thoughts and anything that has happened during the day. Record your life so you can have something to look back time and again. | Download DayGram – One line a day Diary

Trip by Skyscanner

Trip by Skyscanner is an award-winning travel app that lets any adventurous fellow out there to discover new places to stay, eat, and play. There are many other similar mobile apps but this one takes note of your interests and any other outside factors of your travel like location, weather, time of day, and most important, your interests. If you’re traveling, use the app to check the top hotels, famous restaurants, latest events, and the best attractions in whatever city or country you are in. Read on recommendations, timely suggestions, and new ideas on what to do. | Download Trip by Skyscanner – City & Travel Guide

Macaron Cam

We’re always ready for new photo-editing apps. This Macaron Cam is yet another fun app to have because it can make anyone look more attractive, unleash creativities, and make new memories to keep. This camera app features life filters, face beauty shot that lets you adjust beauty level, Vignette, Blur, Time, Multi-screen capture, filters, silent capture, and easy sharing. | Download Macaron Cam

Money Manager Expense & Budget

It’s never too late to save and be smart with money. The Money Manager Expense & Budget app has helped us in more ways than one. It’s one of the best apps in financial planning as it helps you in reviewing your expenses, track your money, and manage your personal assets. You don’t have to be an accounting graduate to understand this one because it’s easy to use and navigate. It’s a budget planner and spending tracker tool in one that also lets you take advantage of a double entry bookkeeping accounting system and budget and expense management function. | Download Money Manager Expense & Budget


TED has been around for years but this has always been a favorite. We recommend this to anyone who wants to be inspired and who wants to remain motivated in life. Sometimes, you just need to hear from those people who have accomplished many things. You can find that one TED Talk that can help you get started on changing your life. The app has been updated numerous times so you can now listen to podcast, save talks, download video or audio for offline playback, bookmark talks, build a custom playlist, and play on other devices or send to an Android TV or via Chromecast. | Download TED