There is no denying T-Mobile customers would love Galaxy Nexus from the carrier although many are using the GSM unlocked version at this time. T-Mobile hasn’t announced anything regarding a possible T-Mobile Galaxy Nexus but a recent twitter post by their good friend and pro skater Tony Hawk might have revealed their plans. Posting a picture on twitter with the Galaxy Nexus and the words “I love T-Mobile”.

Really, this could mean anything. He could be like thousands of others on T-Mobile that bought the international version. Or he could be extra special and received an official T-Mobile Galaxy Nexus early. The reason this is in the news today is because Tony Hawk has been a partner with T-Mobile for years — all the way back to the Sidekick days. They even released an officially branded Tony Hawk T-Mobile Sidekick at one point. Their relationship remains strong and he could be teaming up with them again with this next major release.

Being an Android site and loving T-Mobile we are optimistic and are assuming it’s a T-Mo version. This could all just be speculation and hopefully we’ll get some clarification from T-Mobile soon. If this was all planned it sure would be some sneaky and smart marketing — getting the interest peaked before an announcement. We’ll have to just wait and see. You can see the silver on the bottom right, ruling out the thought of this just being the T-Mobile Nexus S.

Maybe this is nothing and he’s just showing off his unlimited data. Who knows.

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[via Androidandme]