Productivity utilities, especially on Android, are a dime a dozen but a few are able to rise to the top of the pile. Not content with being just another one of those, Todoist has announced its next big step forward, Todoist Next, making the app not only a pleasure to use but also a pleasure to see.

Todoist Next users will be greeted by a refreshing new minimalist design that gets out of your way. After all, the goal is to get things done and not wrestle with the app. But if you think that translates to something plain and boring, think again. Todoist Next introduces a new Visual Scheduling style that adds a bit of flair when creating and looking at your schedule.


This new version isn’t just for show either. Underneath the unassuming interface you’ll find the same powerful todo app as before, tweaked with more features. Syncing is designed to ensure all your data is fresh and up-to-date on all your devices. Todoist Next also now becomes the ultimate collaboration tool, letting users assign tasks to family members, coworkers, friends and more. It even supports comments and alerts to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

Todoist Next, or Todoist version 3.0 in some places, is now up on Google Play Store. Just hit the download link below to get started. Creating a Todoist account is also free and lets you sync your list across all 13 supported platforms.

Download: Todoist on Google Play Store
SOURCE: Todoist