Premium users of task managing app Todoist will be enjoying a new feature to raise their productivity levels even higher. You can now use your location to trigger reminders for your to-do list, based on the places that you frequent the most, as well as what type of task you need to do.

The process is really simple. Todoist is already integrated with Google Maps, so it will detect which places you frequent the most, provided of course that you turn your location services on. You can also manually add locations by searching Google Maps and then adding specific places to your favourites. The app will show you your last 10 identified locations so it will also be easier for you to add them to your favourites.

When you create your task reminders, instead of setting a specific time to remind you, you can now choose from your favourited locations and when you enter or leave those places, it will trigger a notification from Todoist. For example, you set your “Submit liquidation forms” reminder for when you enter your office or your “Call dentist to set-up appointment” just when you leave your place of work.

However, the location reminders feature is only available for premium subscribers. But the good news for free users is that they are offering a 30-day free trial for Todoist Premium, if you sign up until Sunday, July 6th. The Android update for the app will be available later this week, while web and iOS users can already enjoy the location-based reminders. While you can manage it from any platform, like Gmail or Outlook, the location reminders will only work on iOS and Android devices.

SOURCE: Todoist