Premium users of Todoist will be greeted by a very welcome update today. The cross-platform todo service has added a new feature that brings it a bit closer to something like Evernote: file attachments.

It might be both strange and yet natural to think of attaching documents, images, and whatnot to a todo item. At most, some, like, would just let you append text notes. But Todoist isn’t just your regular todo list. It wants to be the be all and end all of collaborative task and now document management services that tries to include anything and everything you’ll ever need to accomplish your mission.

Now with the new notes features, users will be able to add not just text, but photos, recorded audio files, and, on Android and iOS, any file you can grab from your smartphone or tablet. And you don’t even have to be limited to local files. Todoist has integrated with Google Drive and Dropbox so that you can affix your documents and other digital items that are stored in the cloud.

Now for the big catch. This new notes feature is available only to Premium subscribers. It is also available to free users but only within the context of shared projects. To tempt new users to jump in, Todoist is offering a 30 percent discount so that you’ll end up paying only $20 for your first year, after which you’ll need to cough up the regular $29 annually to stay with the elite crowd. Better make up your mind fast, though, as the offer is only good for another 36 hours.

SOURCE: Todoist