Is TiVo working on a new remote control? Maybe. That is according to a recent FCC filing sighted. The company doesn’t want to respond to any question so this is the only hint we have that refers to the possibility of an Android TV set-top box. We’re looking at a CES 2019 announcement next month. We’re not sure if this will be consumer-level ready but could be just for TV operators who may be thinking of using Android TV and integrate it with TiVo’s DVR features.

Universal Electronics made the filing for a new device. The TV remote control manufacturer listed a ‘TIVO Creek Android Voice Remote’ so we have no doubt about the possibility.

The document presents a smaller peanut-shaped TiVo remote. It doesn’t feature thumbs-up and thumbs-down buttons but we see buttons for Netflix and the Google Assistant. We don’t see a mic button either so the device could just use the Assistant.

We haven’t been featuring any TiVo-related app lately but 2018 started with us learning about the brand buying into the smart home game with Alexa and Google Home.

TiVo has teamed up with a number of operators like TDS Telecom with the goal of using TiVo devices based on Android TV. We’re looking forward to more Android TV-based products with this development. Hopefully, TiVo with Android TV will be able to compete with the likes of Fire TV and Roku.

VIA: Variety