If you’re the type of person who always has the need to backup all their data from their mobile devices, chances are you already have an app to do that for you constantly. One of the more popular ones out there is Titanium Backup. Its developers also have a constant need to update ir regularly, hence they’re now on version 7.2.0. This time around, they’re offering to get you Android M preview support, in case your device already works on that preview.

Apparently, before this update, it already had some support for the Android M preview but it was just “incidental”. But this time around, they are more intentional and they are trying to have the app work on devices that are already trying out the newest preview build for the upcoming newest Android version. The update has fixed the problems with detecting the problem where the backup has been placed and also having an occasional forced close, which is not unsurprising.

Other minor changes for the app include getting support for the external SD card on the HTC One Max, which is something not so popular except for the actual owners of that phone. The Titanium Backup server has also added the “copy IP address to clipboard” option and corrected the IPV6 URL display. The PRO version of the app has also been updated and now adding cloud storage authentication tokens for Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box is now easier.

The Android M Preview is only available for Nexus devices for now, and so Titanium Backup rooted to your device is crucial since getting the Android build requires you to wipe your entire device.