Titanium Backup

Remember Titanium Backup? The backup app that we first featured back in 2014 has just been suspended from the Google Play Store. You won’t find the app on the app store and the developer is actually asking help from anyone to have the app reinstated. The dev said the team already removed permissions to comply with the tech giant’s SMS and Call log policy. Unfortunately, the form did not go away. The last time we remember the Titanium Backup was updated was in 2017 when it gained support for adoptable storage.

The Titanium Backup has been updated several times. We have no idea how many users the app has now (or had) but the developer wants to bring it back to the Play Store after being removed by Google.

This isn’t the first time to happen to an Android app. We’ve actually lost count of apps removed from the Play Store because of permissions.

The dev explained it had been trying to have the SMS/Call log permissions approved but to no avail. They’ve been trying to comply with the requirements but with little success.

If you have the Titanium Backup, you can still use it. If you don’t you can still download the APK from APK Mirror.


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