Just an update for the fans of the popular backup app: Titanium Backup is back! You can download the app from the Google Play Store once again. No need to depend on the APK we provided yesterday as the mobile app is ready for download. The developer shared the happy news that it’s back on the Play Store now. The dev team thanked the Google Play Team (@GooglePlayDev) for the quick response. Posted below is the email from Google about its conditional acceptance of the appeal.

The Google Play Dev explained that the app violated the Device and Network Abuse policy. There were also some issues on Permissions policy.

Google noted that permissions must make sense to the users. They must be needed to implement critical features and services.

The devs suggested the Titanium Backup developer resubmit a declaration form, especially with sensitive permissions. Google basically needs more proof of the in-app experience and core functionality of the app.

The app developer is encouraged to update the app and fix the issues ASAP. Link to rooting instructions is also deleted because Google doesn’t want that.

Note that this app still needs to be rooted to work. Feel free to check the Developer Program Policies.

Download Titanium Backup from the Google Play Store