Tiny Realms 1

Tiny Realms, the currently popular strategy game in iOS, has finally arrived on Android. There’s one tiny problem though: game is only available in New Zealand. This doesn’t mean app won’t be available anywhere else, New Zealand is just getting it first as part of a soft launch. Developers TinyMob Games has recently finished beta testing so it should be available for all anytime soon.

Over one million battles have been played on iOS already so we’re curious if this one will also be a hit on Android. Perhaps the creators want to test first how Android gamers in New Zealand will receive Tiny Realms. This tactical strategy game allows the player to have full control of the warbands and choose own faction. You can also play against friends and other players to climb up the leaderboard as you strive to rule the Realm of Light. If you want, you can team up with them and fight in a Global Faction Warfare too.

The choice is yours: play a single faction or build realms with each one. You are called to build amazing fortresses and call on a massive army of different characters from dinosaurs to yetis to steam powered robots, mammoths, polar bears, and wizards.

Tiny Realms is said to be the first real-time strategy tactics game that lets the player control the movement of the troops like a real commander. Each faction has a unique storyline played through an open world map. All you need to is leave your mark in the Tiny Realms.

Key features of the game include Warpath that allows precise control of troop movements with a simple slide of the finger on the screen, an epic single player story mode, and the ability to create warbands. Feel free to combine different units into one fighting group as you try to defend your troop from the giant Obre Bosses and as you encounter SUPER LOOT quests.


Download Tiny Realms from the Google Play Store

VIA: Gamasutra