Here’s another casual game that might catch your fancy, or tide you over while commuting or waiting for your date to show up. “Tiny Empire” uses the tried and tested cannonball puzzle genre, made famous by those ill-tempered birds and not-so-nice piggies. And why would you play this? Because it makes wasting minutes fun, as killing orcs are fun.


As the title suggests, Tiny Empire is a medieval-slash-fantasy themed game, where you are the king and you go on an all-conquering journey to get more territory for your empire. On this journey you will encounter and need to defeat creatures of all kinds – orcs, golems, crow riders, and all that crowd.

You solve the puzzles by firing cannonballs and trying to get all targets, quite like that ubiquitous bird game. The mechanics are simple, and the game should be easy enough to learn on the first try. There are 80 levels to go through and the stages get more difficult, as usual.


The game is free to download via the download link below, with IAPs if you want to get ahead in the game. Enjoy gaming!

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store