While your calendar started filling up when your work started taking over your life, can you remember that a few years back, your life may have been a little more complicated, at least schedule-wise? Yes, when you were still a student, whether high school or college, balancing your life was not that easy, with classes, homeworks, projects and a social life. Fortunately for students, there are now apps to help them take hold of their academic life (wherein we just used to do it on pen and paper).

One of those helpful tools is TimeTable++ Schedule, a full calendar app that is specifically targetted for students to help them not just keep track of their class schedule. It will also help plot out and remind them of their homeworks, quiz schedules, projects. It can also help the kids monitor their class performance by letting them input their exam results. And yes, cancellation of classes and free time and days can also be inputted to give them something to look forward to.

There are an unlimited number of timetables that can be put in the app, and these are also easily shareable with their classmates and friends. They can share it through social networks but also through email if they want to be more private. Another great feature of the app (well, great for teachers we guess) is that you have the option to mute it during classes scheduled in the calendar, just in case you forget to manually mute it or turn it off.

All of the features of TimeTable++ Schedule is available in the free version. But if you want to get rid of the ads, you can upgrade in-app. Otherwise, just download the free app from Google Play Store.


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