A new alarm clock app has landed in the Google Play Store. The app is called Timely Alarm Clock and while we suspect many will tune this out thinking the stock clock/alarm app works just fine — this one may be worth a look. Not only does Timely bring some good looks, but it also brings a feature those with multiple devices may like. The Timely app works across multiple devices.

First things first though, the Timely app launches to the clock screen, which also shows the current day of the week and date along with the time of the next alarm. The icons to switch between the Alarms, Clock and Countdown are all sitting towards the top going from left to right. A tap of the alarm option will show any current alarms and also allow you to create more.

Creating an alarm can be done by tapping the alarm icon in the lower left or by swiping in from the left-side of the device. The alarms are easy to set and come with the options one would expect. For example, you can name the alarm and you can also choose which day(s) that it should wake you. There is a wide variety of available alarm tones and you can also add a challenge or Smart Rise.

The challenge is just what the name implies — a way to make it harder to snooze. Some of these include shaking the phone, doing a match or math puzzle or following a random pattern. The Smart Rise feature is a bit more interesting and is said to be based on the “advanced sleep cycle theory.” Basically this means the alarm can wake you up to 30 minutes early when you are in a light sleep cycle.


Getting back to the multiple device option. This is one you will find when you install Timely on more than one device. For example, we installed Timely on one phone and setup the alarms and adjusted the preferences. We then installed Timely on the second device and upon launch — everything was all set. You will notice the message you get on the above screenshot. And worry not, silencing an alarm on one device will silence it on all devices. The nice part about this is the changes happen very quickly.

But features aside, Timely does also look really nice. There are a handful of different options available to change things up. Some of these are in-app purchases and some are free. But in the end, even after just a few minutes of playing, Timely has already replaced our default clock/alarm setup.

SOURCE: Google Play Store