Ah yes, ClearLock is something that I really need in my life not just on my smartphone but also in my laptop so I can avoid checking out apps or programs that easily distract me during work. This productivity app prevents the user from wasting precious time from opening apps, reading articles, playing games, or checking various social media apps. ClearLock will definitely be a helpful tool because it can block all those distracting apps.

Activate ClearLock by choosing which Android apps you want to block for a certain period of time. Say for example you want to NOT check your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for some time, you can block them on the ClearLock interface that is actually simple and easy-to-use.

Wasting time happens more often than you’re aware of so block distracting apps –and then maybe you can get things done on time. It’s either you work or study… not ‘work and play’ or ‘study and play’. You need to concentrate this time. Focus on whatever you’re doing so block apps on your device–this way, you can increase productivity.

Distraction-free work or study time? That’s possible with ClearLock. But if you’re still tempted, I suggest you leave your phone in another table or room. Better yet, turn it off or keep it hidden somewhere then throw the keys. Naaah, you just need a little bit of discipline. Start with the ClearLock app and see if you still have self-control.

Download ClearLock: Block Distractions! from the Google Play Store


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