With both Apple and Samsung joining the Bluetooth tracker market, one of the “pioneers” of this product, Tile, will have to up their game. They have now announced a hardware and feature refresh for four of its trackers: Pro, Mate, Slim, Sticker. Not only are they getting sleeker and updated designs but they also get improvements to things like tracking range, volume, and water resistance. They all (well except the Sticker variant) now come with QR codes for the new Lost and Found feature.

The Tile Pro now has a more rectangular design so it should fit better on a keyring. It’s now easier to distinguish from the Mate tracker. It still has the longest range among all the trackers at 400 feet and it’s still keeping the replaceable battery format. There has been an improvement with its water-resistant rating as it’s now IP67 as compared to the old IP55 rating. The Tile Mate also has a new rounded shape and design and a new black option in addition to the original white The range is now up to 250 feet and the battery life is now three years compared to just one year on the previous model. The volume ring is louder and it has also been upgraded to IP67 rating.

The wallet-sized Tile Slim is getting similar upgrades to the Tile Mate including the longer range, louder ring volume, and IP67 water resistance. It still has the built-in battery which should last up to three years. Lastly, the Tile Sticker is getting its first update since it was released. Previously it had just a 150-foot range but now it has been expanded to 250 feet as well. It also gets a three-year non-replaceable battery life and IP67 water resistance.

The Tile Pro, Mate, and Slim trackers now sport a QR code at the back as part of the Lost and Found feature. Anyone who finds a misplaced tracker, even if they are not a Tile user, can scan the QR code so they can get your contact information and coordinate with you about returning the item. There’s also a new Scan and Secure feature coming in 2022 which will let the Tile app scan and detect nearby devices and unknown Tiles nearby. It supposedly will make it harder to use Tile for malicious tracking purposes.

The four new Tile trackers are now available from the website and other retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Costco, and Target. Prices of each are below.

– Tile Pro: Available in Black or White, for $34.99
– Tile Mate: Available in Black or White, for $24.99
– Tile Slim: Available in Black for $34.99
– Tile Sticker: Available in Black, starting from $29.99