Another deadliest deadline for Bytedance, Tiktok’s Chinese-owned parent company is almost upon us and we’re still no closer to understanding what’s the next step for the U.S government. But what seems to be sure now is that they will be getting another 7-day extension so that means they will need to finalize the supposed deal for the sale of their U.S operations before then. What we still don’t know is if there will be actual consequences if a deal isn’t reached by that time or if they’ll just get another probable extension.

According to Reuters, a seven-day extension from the supposed November 27 deadline was granted by the Trump administration. Nothing has technically changed as they are still ordering the Chinese company to sell their U.S. assets to an American owned company. The last we heard from them was that they were finalizing something with Oracle and Walmart but since then, there wasn’t any movement from any of the players.

ByteDance has reportedly submitted a new proposal to the authorities that should be able to address their concerns about the app and the company itself. These concerns mostly revolve around security, privacy, and possible mishandling of data on American citizens. While there has been no solid evidence to back up these claims by the U.S. government, they still passed a couple of Executive Orders that were demanding for TikTok’s ban in the country should they fail to sell operations.

Not surprisingly, TikTok and some of its content creators separately filed cases against the government as the effect of such a ban will be detrimental to the livelihood of a lot of people. Federal courts have blocked these restrictions on the app from the Commerce Department. And when the original deadline for the deal finalization came around, we didn’t really see any movement or pronouncement.

Reuters said that an official from the U.S Treasury said that Bytedance was granted the extension because they are still reviewing this “revised submission” of a proposal. However no details about said proposal has been revealed. No word also from Oracle and Walmart as to any plans moving forward.